Margo  Dela Cruz is a Filipino-American designer, illustrator, and zine maker based in New York City and New Jersey. She is pursuing a BFA in Design (Class of 2026) at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, NY.
Influenced by Southeast Asian culture, punk music videos, and underground night life in the city, Margo's work revives old-school culture in a fresh, exciting light. She has a strong background in digital/traditional illustration and graphic design, and branched out to zine/book making, inspired by punk fanzines of the 80s-90s.  She also dabbles in photography, filming, and video editing by bringing her camera to punk shows and capturing the intensity of the moment. With these skills, she has made everything from animated films, posters, zines, and music videos, and her goal is to work with bands/music artists or in animation/film production.
In her spare time, she's playing the guitar, sewing patches on her jacket, or lacing up her boots for the next hardcore show.
This form is for serious inquiries only. If you want to say hello and chat, feel free to reach out on social media.
Services include (but not limited to): Digital/Traditional Illustration, Graphic Design, Book/Zine Making, Motion Graphics, Poster Design, Album Artwork, Merchandise Design, Social Media Content, Videography, Video Editing, Photography, 3D Modeling, and 2D Animation.
I'm open to any opportunities and questions! Let's work together!
Thank you! I'll get back to you soon.
FEB 2024: 8-Ball Valentine's Day Zine Fair | Sixth Street Community Center, NYC

DEC 2023: Press Play Book Fair | Pioneer Works, Brooklyn
JULY 2023: Serotines & Friends Pop-Up Art Market | The Living Gallery, Brooklyn
SUMMER 2023: Project Reach Events Volunteer
APR 2023: SVA Accepted Students Day | School of Visual Arts
APR 2023: WSVA Unplugged Open Mic Night | School of Visual Arts
FEB 2023: WSVA Punk Show | School of Visual Arts

DEC 2022: VASA Holiday Bazaar | School of Visual Arts
AUG 2022: Come As You Are 5 | New Jersey Underground Showcase 
Neoteny, Issue #1
I Always Fall Up the Stairs, Community Zine Volume #1
Rambler Magazine: All Night On Film
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